Who cares about zebras, there are chickens

Camel, Zebra, and Ostrich racing – sounds like an interesting event. So, we went to the local race track. The spring children’s event unfortunately didn’t have any times listed for when it started, so we got there several hours before the special races were supposed to begin.

Fortunately there was a playground and within about an hour, other kids began to arrive.

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They made the kids race around the track, but at least there were bouncey houses to play in afterward.

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Xander’s favorite was the petting zoo where he followed a chicken around. He didn’t want to leave the chicken.

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Xander met his cousin, Antonio for the first time. Young boys bonding over legos and computers. It’s awesome that he has a cousin close by that is near his age.



You mean I can get in the water?

When it’s Winter and the temperature is ranging in the 90s, it’s time to get in the water. Even the dog got in on the fun when he tried to keep his eye on the wandering boy. Xan seemed to enjoy the climbing on the rocks the most.

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The butterfly wants my blankie

We went to butterfly wonderland. Xan insisted on taking his blankie. To our surprise, this butterfly attached itself to Xan’s blankie and wouldn’t leave the entire time we were there. We eventually had to pluck him off.

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Meeting new family

We introduced Xan to his cousins at Peter Piper Pizza. It was a fun evening filled with playing and pizza munching. Xan adored his cousin, Evelyn, who is very close to his own age. Up until this point, all of the cousins he has met have a 7+ year age difference. He was so excited, he kept asking when we could see them again.